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There's something special about Ria.

Ria CareersThere's a sense of pride that comes from the feeling that we are really changing the world while we have fun. We love what we do and make most of ourselves to get the best possible results.

In only 25 years we have become the third largest money transfer company worldwide, and have achieved this thanks to a great team, who can tackle challenges with dynamism, proactivity and creativity. Those are some of the characteristics of our team.

This is a company where diversity is tangible and real. Either you are staying or going out for lunch you will sit next to people from very different backgrounds and culture:

The guy from Help Desk might be from Pakistan, receptionist from El Salvador, Correspondent department is represented  by an African lady, and IT department by someone from Albania. Can you think about any other place where you can hear  German and Arabic at the same place?

This diversity is the source of our business– we connect those who are far away from home so that their family can feel  even closer.

There is no limit to develop your professional career here.

We give the empowerment to our employees to grow and evolve according to their ambitions and geographic mobility. This is an amazing opportunity for out-of-the-box thinkers and those who are willing to develop their professional career in more than one place or area.

We have team members who have started working in our Stores and have been transferred to other stores around Europe at their request. Other had applied for Sales positions within the company.
Innovation is our strength, and we never stop exploring new, better, more efficient ways of doing things. Our IT department is in constant growth integrating new technologies and creating new  applications  to adapt our system to the new markets and their requirements.

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