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Ria Agent

Who is Ria?

Ria is a worldwide money transfer company that started in 1987. Today, Ria is a recognized leader in the industry with a growing network comprised of thousands of Agents around the globe. Known for fast, dependable money transfer services, Ria uses simple, efficient electronic processing to help people send money to all corners of the world.

Why should I consider becoming a Ria Agent?

Ria offers you a "turnkey operation." We provide you with all you might need, materials, support and training you will need to operate a money transfer business. By becoming a Ria Agent, you are gaining a source of profit that will enhance and complement your current business.

What will it cost me?

Nothing. There are no startup fees. There is no inventory or equipment to purchase, and no fee for training. Everything you need, including world-class customer support, plus the benefits of Ria's promotional advertising and Point of Sale posters and flyers, is supplied to you at no cost.

How do I get started?

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you are well on your way. A sales support representative will help you to install our software to accommodate order processing. The sales support representative will then take you step-by-step through the money transfer process. You will have a reliable customer support team available to you and your customers day and night, seven days a week. Posters and stickers will identify you as an authorized Ria Agent, and you will be in business.

How does operating a money transfer business affect my existing business?

There is no disruption to your regular business. In fact, Ria Agents usually find that handling money transfers enhances their business by bringing in new customers. The transactions usually take less than two minutes to complete. Once a transfer is entered into the system and transmitted, our Operations Department carefully checks the transaction for accuracy and completeness. You simply hand the customer the receipt, along with the assurance that the money will reach its destination.

Will there be piles of paperwork?

No. Paperwork is kept to a minimum. User-friendly computers let you send and store transaction information electronically. The customer receives a receipt, which lists the Ria Customer Service phone number. If the customer has any questions, he or she can contact our customer service representatives day or night, seven days a week. Once you've processed the order, we handle the rest.

Will I really make money with Ria?

That will depend in part on you; but remember, Ria has an established reputation for fast, reliable service. Simply putting up a Ria sign in your front window can attract new business. Plus, our competitive pricing structure and special offers make Ria services extremely attractive to customers – that is a big advantage to your business. In addition, we offer you a generous commission structure that is significantly higher than other competitive companies.

What kind of advertising support will I get?

We offer you the best elements to identify you as a Ria Agent. When you start working with us we will brand your store with posters and stickers, but you can request additional marketing support and we will help you to promote the service in the most effective way.

Why should I choose Ria?

Not only will you have an opportunity to increase your customer base, boost profits, and give your community a secure and reliable money transfer service; but by choosing Ria, you will enjoy these advantages:

  • Advertising and promotional support to attract customers and grow your money transfer business.
  • A turnkey operation with virtually no up-front costs or hidden surprises.
  • On-the-spot support when you need it.
  • Simple, rapid electronic processing that makes money transfers easy.
  • An experienced multinational, multilingual customer service support staff.
  • The support of a progressive, financially solid company that invests in technology, staff, and advertising.
  • An extensive collection of profitable financial services besides money transfers: money orders, bill payment, currency exchange and check cashing.
  • Customers who already know and trust Ria, and are attracted to Ria's name.
How can I apply to become a Ria Agent?

If you are interested in becoming a Ria Agent click here. It is our objective to make our Agent network grow.