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Partnering with Ria will grow your business

Ria AgentRia is one of the largest money transfer companies in the world. Since 1987, we have provided a cost-effective, secure and fast alternative to sending money worldwide. Thanks to our agents and their customers, Ria has emerged as a global leader in remittances and is recognized as a brand that stands for quality and service.

As our extensive network of agents and correspondents continues to grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our customers and continue to be a part of the communities where they live.

By choosing to partner with Ria, together we can help people send their hard-earned money to where it's needed most

  • Fast, reliable service has made Ria synonymous with trust
  • Operating in over 149 countries and territories
  • More than 300,000 locations worldwide
How much can I earn?

Your earning potential as an Agent depends on you. We offer very competitive rates to customers and generous commissions to our Agents. This combination, along with excellent exchange rates and a trusted brand name, allows our Agents to grow quickly and maximize their earning potential.

Why become an authorized Ria Agent?

You already have the most important part of the equation: your business and your clients. Being an authorized Ria agent will attract more people to your business. Many of our agents use Ria as a secondary activity but soon discover the full potential and profitability of the money transfer industry. Even those Agents who opt not to focus on the Money Transfer side of their business, find that they earn enough to cover business expenses, like rent or employee salaries. Best of all, there is no risk to get started, since Ria doesn’t require an upfront financial investment.

Benefits of Becoming an Agent
  • A simple way to generate increased revenue for your business
  • Advertising and promotional support to attract customers and grow a money transfer business
  • A turn-key operation with virtually no upfront costs or hidden surprises
  • On-the-spot support when you need it
  • An experienced multinational, multilingual customer service support staff
  • The backing of a progressive, financially solid company that invests in technology, staffing, and advertising
  • Customers who already know and trust Ria - and are drawn to the Ria brand name

You already have the most important part – your business and your clients. Offering an additional product can grow your business without any upfront investment.