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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about becoming a Ria Correspondent? Following are answers to most frequently asked correspondent application questions:

How long has Ria been in business?

Ria has been operating since 1987 when the company first began providing secure money transfer services from the United States to Latin America.

In how many different countries does Ria offer money transfer services?

The number of countries in which Ria has agents and correspondents increases at a consistent pace. Presently, Ria has services in over 300,000 locations in 149 countries and territories. Ria moves money to approximately two-thirds of the globe.

How many different correspondents is Ria currently dealing with worldwide?

Currently, Ria has over four hundred international business partners and corresponding financial institutions worldwide.

How are Ria orders processed?

A customer places his order with an independent authorized Ria agent, Ria Store or online and the consumer is then issued a receipt. The transaction is processed by proprietary computer software and sent to an order processing center in the United States. All orders are screened through a series of filters that are detecting and deterring possible money laundering or other illegal financing activities.