Money Transfer

How does it work

Money TransferWe offer you the best way to transfer money to your beloved ones in as little as 10 minutes, wherever they are.

In personIn person

We are closer than you think; you can find Ria agent just around the corner in your neighborhood.

By phoneBy Phone

Just pick up the phone and call us; your money transfer will be ready to pay in as little as 10 minutes.

OnlineOn Line

Available from the US; it’s the most convenient way to send money from your sofa.


3 forms of sending a wire

In personIn person at Ria Agent Location
  • 1Visit our store or agent location
  • 2The teller will introduce your data in our system
  • 3Your money will be available in as little as 10 minutes
By phoneBy Phone

You can transfer your money as easily as calling us.

  • 1You just need to Register. From then on you will be able to transfer money anywhere you want with a simple phone call.
OnlineOn line

Available only in the USA.

Following our consumer needs, we are adding new service in the online industry. Money transfer on line. Now you can send from wherever you are - home, work, or anywhere where you will have access to internet.

  • Pay using your bank account or credit/debit card
  • Register now and your first money transfer is free*!

It's easy to send money online:

  • 1Register
  • 2Select country
  • 3Delivery method
  • 4Payment
  • 5Complete

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